Some Project Ideas

Kevin Xu
3 min readNov 7, 2020

Below are some ideas of projects or companies I think would be cool, but I personally don’t care enough about to implement. My long-term interests lie in agri-technology and being one of the people to make long-standing progress toward climate change.


Option 1: Spend $1,000,000 to hire Kylie Jenner to sponsor your brand.

What you get:

  • 30 million impressions from Kylie’s followers

Option 2: Spend $1,000,000 to hire 10,000 mid-sized influencers to promote your brand

What you get:

  • 10,000 influencers each with 10,000 followers= 100,000,000 million impressions
  • Brand loyalty and more tailored-posts from smaller influencers who care more about their products

What if we could help a new business find their “option 2” in minutes? The business puts in its details and integrates at the time of account creation. Everything else is one click.

Anomaly Detection

Problem 1: Agriculture

Yields are down in a large portion of the farm. We suspect pest breakout or soil degradation began in a few acres of land and spread. Could we have found this in real-time before it spread?

Problem 2: Cybersecurity

A virus spread into the network. We suspect a device was a single point of failure. Could we have found this in real-time through analyzing abnormal data?

Problem 3: Infrastructure

A water pipeline bursts and we suspect even before then, millions of gallons of water leaked for years. Could we have discovered this sooner?

These problems fit a general model where a system that was generating consistent data had an anomaly that turned out to be a problem. What if we could deploy a tool across industries that found anomalies in data and let humans decide what to do with those anomalies?

What if this were an API?

Palantir helps centralize and standardize data across industries. We could plug this in as a next step for firms that use Palantir’s product. Or firms with their own data streams could run this via the cloud.

OS for Small Businesses

Imagine you’re a small business.

What if there was one platform where you could do all the little things needed to run a business: payments, content management, payroll.

What if you had a CFO, CMO all in one platform

Think about it like this

  1. You begin onboarding onto our product
  2. You enter our existing integrations marketplace. And you get two choices

A. Connect anything you already use to the platform : Ramp, Mint, Workday and manage it in one place.

  • Add on custom extensions to these already great products.

For restaurants, link your Ramp purchase history to automatic inventory management and accounting. If our system sees a customer bought spaghetti through Ramp, we’ll automatically budget and account for 2 tomatoes and a serving of pasta.

B. Don’t have these tools. Find the best tool for your need in an instant: Don’t have a CRM platform. We’re partnered with Salesforce and will set you up in one click.

News for you

Step 1: You install a chrome extension

Step 2: Search for news on google

Step 3: The extension offers a “new” news tab, split into three sections

  • “Favored” — your favorite source’s results.
  • “Left” — A collection of news articles related to your query from left-leaning sources
  • “Right” — A collection of news articles related to your query from right-leaning sources

News for you

An App for Gig Workers

There are hundreds of gig economy apps out there, and workers frequently juggle between multiple apps, each at irregular intervals, to sustain their livelihoods.

Let’s build an app that 1) maximizes profit for workers across apps and 2) minimizes idle time in tasks.

The app is not focused on finding work, but managing the platforms each worker already uses.

(Stale) Idea 4: Debugging

Disclaimer: You can do all of this with Loom, so I’ve deleted it. I’m a fan of loom.

  • Click 1 — Click, drag, and record your screen to reproduce a bug behavior.
  • Click 2 — Provide access to chrome debug logs, and fetch the error messages
  • Click 3 — Send the link in an instant to a coworker

There’s no need to call a client about what the bug is anymore. You have all the information you need. Less meetings, less communication, more productivity!