Volunteer Match 2.0

Kevin Xu
2 min readAug 14, 2020


I thought getting involved with volunteering would be easy.

I’m offering my time, skill, and effort for no cost. How hard can it be to find an organization that is a good fit?

Turns out it was super hard. I sent hundreds of emails, searched 10s of sites, and spent probably a few hours until I found an eventual gig.

Once I found the gig, it took weeks to get onboarded, and even once I was active, the registration and paperwork felt archaic.

I talked to my friends, organizations, and colleagues and I realized that I was not alone.

Why is it so hard to get involved with volunteering?


Inspired by my personal pain points as well as pain points from my direct network, here’s what I’ve noticed between volunteer-organization interactions.

  1. It’s hard to find a “Match”
  2. It’s even harder to find a Good Match
  3. Communication with candidates takes a long time.
  4. Onboarding for new candidates is slow

What if we made a platform that not only connected volunteers with organizations but also helped streamline their experience from discovery to activity to retention.


Organizations on our platform by default can set up

  • Interest Forms
  • Info Sessions
  • Live Chats with representatives from the organizations
  • Metrics for tracking user engagement
  • Donation Widgets

Before: send an email and wait for a response

Now: Engage on the platform, chat, and let the organization collect data on you.


Organizations on the platform can

  • Generate automated background check forms, W2s, payroll documents with DocuSign and other HRIS integrations
  • Generate ready-to-go itineraries with custom calendar exports for each new hire in one click of a button


  • Generate feedback forms for why a volunteer left in an instant
  • Find other similar organizations and share best practices and joint-sessions

I imagine a world where this platform is a bigger and better volunteering match mixed with no-code and workflow tooling for volunteering organizations. Maybe, there is a possibility this could be simplified down to a flexible template for Volunteering organizations on a no-code website like Bubble.